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Tax filings are due by April 15th!

Managing Finances
Calculating Budget

Filing your taxes can be tricky. The IRS offers several tips for seniors in order to accurately file and receive all credits and benefits available to you.


Standard Deductions

For people 65 and older, you can get a higher standard deduction amount if you do not itemize your deductions. You can get an even higher standard deduction amount if either you or your spouse is blind.


Those who qualify can receive Credit for the Eldery or Disabled. You must file using Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR. The IRS website details criteria for qualification.

Taxable Social Security

When preparing your return, be especially careful when you calculate the taxable amount of your Social Security. The IRS offers free resources to assist you with this process.

Get Assistance

IRS-sponsored volunteer tax assistance programs offer free tax help to seniors and to low- to moderate-income people who cannot prepare their own tax returns.

Source: Internal Revenue Service
*ASB Southwest Iowa is not affiliated with or endorsed by the IRS.*

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